Women's Health

We understand the importance of maintaining good reproductive potential and sexual health.
The following tests and packages are ideal for women wishing to have a general health assessment.
We can provide the following tests and packages at our practice:

Pregnancy blood test
(B-HCG) – Ideal for confirmation of pregnancy or response to fertility treatment.

AMH (Anti-Mullerin hormone) – This test allows assessment for ovarian egg reserve for fertility.

The AMH level does not change during the menstrual cycle, so the blood test can be taken at any time in the month, including if you are taking the oral contraceptive pill. Additional blood testing profiles are available if requested or required by the Fertility clinic.

Female hormone screen – These tests are useful for general hormonal assessment if there are any concerns regarding irregular or heavy menstrual periods, infertility or skin problems such as acne.

Menopause – This package is ideal for patients who are experiencing menopausal symptoms and desire for hormonal screening assessment. Our doctors will able to discuss your options or we can make an onward referral to Menopause Specialist for further advice and management.

Breast Health/Mammograms – Ideal for women requesting/requiring further assessment. Our doctor will further discuss your options and management. Alternatively, a breast ultrasound scan can be arranged if this is more suitable for you. Mammograms and ultrasound scans can be arranged the same day or at most within 24 hours of your consultation. If an onward referral to a specialist is required we will help coordinate and organise this appointment for you.

Cervical smear and HPV testing – It is recommended patients undertake screening every 3 years or earlier if indicated by the specialist or previous cervical screening abnormalities. Our practice female GP’s will be able to provide the cervical smear test.