Men's Health

Male hormone screen – This profile is useful for Men who maybe suffering from reduced libido, erectile dysfunction problems, male fertility problems, difficulty in promoting and maintaining muscle mass or even generalised tiredness symptoms. Our doctors will assess your symptoms alongside your results and discuss the appropriate management required to address your health concerns. This test profile is best undertaken between 8-10am.

Prostate check/PSA and ultrasound scan – This type of examination and investigation test is a useful profile for Men who are experiencing urinary symptoms such as hesitancy, poor/intermittent urine flow or post-micturition dribbling. The use of the PSA test and ultrasound scan together will help determine the management of your symptoms. If an onward referral to a Urology Specialist is required we will help coordinate and organise this appointment for you.

Testosterone level – This test is useful for patients who are suffering from fertility problems, erectile dysfunction or reduced libido symptoms. This test is best undertaken between 8-10am as the testosterone level can vary during the day.