Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect both men and women, which can lead to emotional distress, low self-esteem and confidence and in some cases resulting in depression. There are various causes for hair loss, therefore undertaking a thorough scalp and hair assessment is essential to identify the cause(s) and treat accordingly.

Hair loss (alopecia) is caused by an interruption in the cycle of hair production. It can occur anywhere on the body, although it most commonly affects the scalp. The scalp has 95,000 – 105,000 hair follicles all cycling through the hair cycle at various phases of growth, rest, falling out and regeneration. Most people loss 50-100 hairs per day as part of this natural cycle.

Due to the number of different causes of temporary and permanent scalp hair loss, seeking early assessment and treatment can help encourage regrowth or limit progression to permanent hair loss.

Types of hair loss:

 +   Male pattern baldness (Androgenetic alopecia)

+   Female pattern baldness (Androgenetic alopecia)

+   Scarring Alopecia (CCCA, Frontal fibrosing alopecia, DLE) 

+   Alopecia areata

+   Telogen effluvium

+   Anagen effluvium

+   Traumatic/Traction alopecia

+   Trichotillomania

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is the commonest cause of hair loss in men. Early assessment and treatment is key to minimising natural progression of hair loss. Medical interventions have been shown to reduce hair loss and positively impact improving a person’s self-esteem and personal wellbeing. Female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) causes progressive hair thinning on the top of the scalp, although the hairline does not usually recede. The pattern of hair loss differs in both Men and Women.

The main modes of treatment include topical/oral minoxidil to stimulate hair growth and finasteride/dutasteride to inhibit hair loss. Oral minoxidil provides a better treatment response in comparison to its topical formulation. Other treatmentoptions include platelet rich plasma (PRP), dutasteride mesotherapy and micro-needling.

For a formal hair and scalp assessment and discussion regarding treatment options, please kindly book an appointment with Dr Sonill. Dr Sonill has a specialist interest in dermatology, having a completed a post-graduate diploma in clinical dermatology obtaining a distinction pass grade. Over the years, he has developed further clinical knowledge and experience in hair loss management. Dr Sonill closely works alongside Dr Bevin Bhoyrul and Dr Sergio Vañó Galván, both internationally acclaimed dermatologists specialising in hair loss and FUE surgeons at the Sinclair Dermatology clinic in Melbourne, Australia and the well-regarded hair loss specialist centre Pedro Jaén Group Clinic in Madrid respectively. Working in collaboration, ensures patients are provided the optimal clinical management alongside clinical safety in their patient care and journey.

Package price:

Initial consultation (45-60 minutes):
Costs £175.00
(Fee includes 3-month supply of dutasteride/finasteride & minoxidil medication)

Follow up consultations (45 minutes)
Costs £150.00

Make an appointment:
Telephone: 02075920862

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