Well-Woman Medicals

These comprehensive medicals are ideal for patients and families requesting peace of mind for general health assessment. They include full assessment, blood tests (P2 blood profile),
urinalysis test, Electrocardiogram (ECG) report and includes a cervical smear test and HPV screening.

We understand with the busy nature of work and family life and the difficulty it can be to see your own doctor comprehensive health assessments. These Well-Woman Medicals are a perfect way to assess your current health status, presenting symptoms and address your concerns. All outcomes will be discussed with you by our doctor who will provide recommendations and a full comprehensive report. Overall, these medicals can provide peace of mind regarding your health, thus allowing you to focus more on the other important aspects of your life…

The medicals take approximately 90 minutes and are generally undertaken on weekdays but can also be arranged for Saturdays at our practice if this is a more time convenient for you. If you require a weekday evening appointment, please discuss this with our team and arrangements can be made to assist you.

Most insurance companies will cover these medicals under their premium indemnities – Please seek advice from your insurance providers prior to requesting these medicals.

Well-woman Assessments include:

+ Doctor consultation
+ Medical examination
+ Blood pressure assessment
+ Resting electrocardiogram
+ Lung function test
+ Height, weight and BMI measurement
+ Comprehensive blood test analysis
+ Urinalysis test
+ Breast examination
+ Cervical smear test and HPV screening

Blood tests include: full blood count, iron profile, kidney and liver function test, calcium and vitamin D level, total cholesterol and lipid profile, glucose level, inflammation marker (ESR), uric acid level, creatine kinase and thyroid function test.

Well-Women Medical – £875.00

If you desire any sexual health screening and/or hormone screening tests, these can be added to your health assessment medical. Please discuss this with our team who will kindly provide you with further information regarding these tests.